How Good is Your Food?

good foodA new year and many of us have been working on becoming healthier.. My advice, if you are serious about taking care of your health is to check labels on foods.

Low fat does not always mean less calories, low calorie may mean that we are eating food additives that are not good for us. Continue reading How Good is Your Food?

Salmon Fish Cakes

salmon fish cakesMaking these over the weekend – If you are counting calories then only have along with a salad and skip additional carbohydrates – you can decide whether to have one or two – depends on what else you are planning on eating at that mealtime. Continue reading Salmon Fish Cakes

Low Calories

low caloriesFor anyone buying low-calorie ready meals from their local supermarket they would do better to get some great lean meat or fish from the local butcher or fishmonger (or use beans, lentils, nuts or tofu if vegetarian) and eat along with some carrot and turnip mash and some greens – delicious, low in calories and absolutely packed with nutrition