How Good is Your Food?

good foodA new year and many of us have been working on becoming healthier.. My advice, if you are serious about taking care of your health is to check labels on foods.

Low fat does not always mean less calories, low calorie may mean that we are eating food additives that are not good for us. Continue reading How Good is Your Food?


dementiaI was listening to a webinar on Dementia this evening – scary stuff! It was linking the increase in Dementia along with conditions like depression, heart disease and diabetes. Continue reading Dementia

Raw Food Course

raw foodJust back from a brilliant raw food course in Devon. Though I don’t plan to be 100% raw I certainly want it to be a bigger percentage of my daily diet.

Raw food is really nutritious and many people eating raw food feel so much more energised as all the vitamins, minerals, essential fats and plant enzymes are intact. For many it is a great way of losing extra weight.

It’s best to increase the amount of raw food you eat gradually so your digestive system can cope.

Raw Food Benefits

raw foodOff to a raw food course this week – away Wednesday to Monday but will try to post when down there if there is plenty internet.

It’s on a farm but not sure how much of a wilderness retreat it will be. I’ll be full of great ideas when i get back.

Here are some of the benefits of raw foods: Continue reading Raw Food Benefits

Respecting Our Bodies

good foodA friend has just sent me a very interesting message about respect and the importance of respect within communities such as schools, family members, neighbours, work colleagues, etc. Continue reading Respecting Our Bodies