We Love Junk Food!

junk foodWhy we love junk food

We are genetically programmed to love sugar and fat, so it’s no wonder we are all wolfing into huge ice creams and piling on the pounds.

Lots of folks are scoffing ice cream cos they are hot – when a glass of hot water would better cool you down.

The reason for this programming is basic survival – simple as that. Continue reading We Love Junk Food!

Be Junk Food Aware

real foodTo be shopping aware has never been more important than now.

When I was little there was no supermarket – I hear gasps!!

Nowadays there is so much junk available to eat it is no wonder we struggle with health issues. Most of us are intolerant to many things we are eating on a daily basis and don’t even realise how good we could feel.

I love it when I do some intolerance testing and find the culprits for daily health niggles. We all should be brimming with energy, sleeping well and have good digestion, etc.

If your not then come and see me and we’ll sort that out!