We Love Junk Food!

junk foodWhy we love junk food

We are genetically programmed to love sugar and fat, so it’s no wonder we are all wolfing into huge ice creams and piling on the pounds.

Lots of folks are scoffing ice cream cos they are hot – when a glass of hot water would better cool you down.

The reason for this programming is basic survival – simple as that. Continue reading We Love Junk Food!

Dog Food

dog foodInteresting programme on channel 5 last night re Dog food.. same rules apply… what is marketed and on supermarket shelves is often dubious.

Meat and animal derivatives ? what does this mean? Continue reading Dog Food

Sugar Addiction

easter eggsAt last the UK is getting wise to the fact that SUGAR is a BIG PROBLEM.

So addictive and so much of it out there! As Easter approaches try finding presents like ‘make your own bunny’ or make an Easter hat with the kids.

Do anything creative – they will love that and go mean with buying Easter milk chocolate eggs – they are getting cheaper and cheaper cos everyone needs to get addicted to milk chocolate.

It’s great for Cadbury’s shares.

Irresponsible Food Industry

food industryWe keep being bombarded by the fact we have an obesity crises in the UK!

Well, thanks to an irresponsible food industry we have loads of health problems – increase in cancers, heart disease, huge incidence of Type 2 Diabetes stats.

Thanks for that FOOD INDUSTRY!!!! Continue reading Irresponsible Food Industry