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The ‘Juice Master’

juiceOn Saturday I watched an amazing video from Jason Vale – the juice master! The film takes you on the journey of 8 people with 22 different diseases and what happens when they all live on a specially devised juice programme for 28 days.

The results were astonishing!

One man left taking 2 pills daily after arriving taking 52 per day. However juicing in that lovely sunny weather was questionably easier for them to do than someone at home tempted by all the other foods around! Adding a glass or two for many folks would be a great start.

One point he did make that I thought was quite interesting is that nutrition is thought of as ‘alternative’ medicine and nutritionists as ‘alternative’ practitioners. The point he made was that good nutrition is fundamental to good health – both mental and physical and it appeared strange to him that food was not thought of as a potential medicine with drugs as an alternative if food changes were not enough.

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