junk food

Unhealthy Food

junk foodThe food industry is wrecking the health of us in Scotland. That’s the majority of the food industry producing snack savoury food, soft drinks, ready meals, children’s food, boxed cereals, biscuits, cake, etc, etc. Cheap unhealthy food products are probably responsible for 80% of what’s available in the supermarket.

This industry is even adding sugar to our fruit to make it even sweeter which increases the rate that it is turned to glucose – not a great idea!! So the food industry and the drug industry are making a fortune while our health deteriorates.

We need to take personal responsibility for our health – what we are eating, our lifestyle choices and the amount of exercise we take. I caution against an attitude of ‘Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!’ Our life is not all fate and drawn out beforehand – we can make good choices. We should make the right choices based on what is healthy (most of us do have a clue there!). Otherwise we are being drawn into addictions to fat, sugar and other additives this industry tempts us with.

These dangerous foods are generally stuffed full of cheap fast release sugars. You won’t find expensive lean protein that we need for cell renewal ! Just lots of sugar and fat that is making us fat!

If you don’t do it for yourself then do it for your kids who deserve a better start in life! Don’t buy sugary cereals, sweet yoghurts, wotsits and crisps, fizzy juices, sweeties (haribo and the rest). This is garbage and bad for little ones. They need lean protein, plenty fruit and vegetables, cultured dairy products, slow release carbs, – quality foods… it’s not so hard to figure out once you see the whole picture.

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