junk food

We Love Junk Food!

junk foodWhy we love junk food

We are genetically programmed to love sugar and fat, so it’s no wonder we are all wolfing into huge ice creams and piling on the pounds.

Lots of folks are scoffing ice cream cos they are hot – when a glass of hot water would better cool you down.

The reason for this programming is basic survival – simple as that.

As hunter/gatherers, when you found sources of fat and sugar sources you could survive for longer from eating all these calories.

Sadly, now we are surrounded by fatty/sugary ‘stuff’ as sweeties, chocolate, biscuits and even coffees e.g. moccachino. In such a “sea of plenty” it’s really easy to pile on the pounds. Plus – these foods are addictive (double whammy!)

We are also “hard wired” to want salt. Salt (sodium chloride) used to be hard to find – hence the term salary which was originally from when people were paid with salt. Therefore we are drawn to loving crisps – lots of fat, lots of salt.

Well, times have definitely changed and this fat, sugar and salt can be found everywhere!! Therefore to optimise health you need to look after yourself and try to minimise having these “foods” around or it’ll just tempt you and the kids into eating more than may be good for you.

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