Why Low and No fat Diets are Dangerous to Health

avocado_tasteful_and_healthy_206917Fat has gained a name for being a “baddie” in our diets. This is basically because it contains 9 calories per gram compared to carbs and protein at roughly 4 per gram. Omitting fat in favour of eating extra carbohydrate is a really bad idea though. Funnily enough, within our body, these excess carbohydrates eaten also turn into fat!

Why do we need this fat? 


Well we really need some fat within the diet or we will not get the amazing health benefits from our fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E & K. Important for eyes, bones, antioxidant, metabolic rate, blood clotting, immunity, etc.

Every cell in our body – and there are trillions have a layer of fat round them (phospholipids).

Our brain is full of fat

Fats make us full as they take a long time to digest – at least 6 hrs compared to 2 hours from carbohydrates.

Good fats are anti- inflammatory protecting us from inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis and sinusitis or any other illness that ends in “it is”

We ‘lay down’ fat when we are pregnant so that we will have stores for healthy breastfeeding. This milk also contains essential fats.

Our nerves are surrounded by a layer of fat called the ‘myelin sheath’. This helps us transfer nerve impulses.

Hormones are produced from steroid substances – these are also fats.

almondsThere are many more reasons why fats are an essential component of our diet. So rather than cutting them out eat the healthier choices such as nuts, seeds, olives, avocado and oily fish e.g. sardines, mackerel, etc.

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